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Car remote fobs or remote keys usually have a replaceable battery inside, so this is the first place to start if you key is no longer locking and unlocking the car, however there are more and more car manufacturers keys that have a rechargeable battery inside the key.

if you have a key with a rechargeable battery inside the key, these are a sealed unit and it is not made to be taken apart, this obviously means you need a replacement key. Vehicle manufactures that use a rechargeable battery inside their keys are BMW, some Ford, Mini, some Rangerover, some Landrover, some Mercdedes, and there are some other vehicles too.

if you have a replaceable battery in your key there are lots of videos online showing you how to replace your particular key battery and this is a very straight forward job that most people are able to do themselves.

If you find that replacing the battery does not solve your problem your existing key may need reprogramming to your vehicle, this normally happens when the key battery has been flat or not working for a while, so it has lost its memory. If your key needs reprogramming we are able to do this give us a call.

We cover all makes of car, van and truck keys, and are able to supply, cut and program replacement keys to your vehicle if required.

To speak directly to a car locksmith give us a call 07813 802039 we are happy to advise or help.

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