Key locked in Renault Megane

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This week we were called out to a Renault Megane with the key locked inside, on face value nothing unusual about that bearing in mind we are locksmiths and opening cars is our business, however on this occasion the key was locked in the car and the car was also running. This is not the normal keys locked in the boot, because a person has put them down and then shut the boot … thats human error … this is the car shouldnt lock if its running …. a rare querk or malfunction on the cars part.

Luckily the car had locked itself on the customers driveway in Haverhill Suffolk so from a safety point of view it was not a problem, we arrived 30 minutes after we were called and soon had the Renault open, with the key back in the owners hands.


If you are locked out or your car has locked itself, and your keys are in the car give us a call we are specialist vehicle locksmiths and are able to open any vehicle without damage.

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