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At Lost Car Keys we have our own auto electrician that specializes in the electrical and electronic systems fitted to modern day vehicles. Long gone are the days of a battery a switch a bulb and some wires, modern vehicles communicate on a network and have multiple computer control units fitted even the most basic of cars will have around ten separate control units and on a luxury vehicle it could be fifty plus.

so I’m sure you can imagine that a modern day auto electricians job is more about electronics, computer networks and communication systems meaning it is a very skilled and expert job.

Correct diagnosis and repairing of faults is an incredibly hard task and it requires a lot of experience and training to stay at the front of the business.

Recently we have invested in training for hybred and electric vehicles, ensuring that we can safely carry out work on these systems and vehicles. These vehicles can have ac and dc supply voltages in excess of 400 Volts and if untrained this could easily lead to the death of a technician.

If you have a problem that requires an auto electrician then give us a call 07813 802039 and we would be happy to give you a quote.


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