Toyota Rav 4 Key

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Toyota keys are one of our specialist subjects, so a if you are looking for a Rav 4 key you are in the right place. A spare key is a MUST with any Toyota, the reason for this is the Toyota immobiliser system requires a working key that starts the vehicle to be present in order to program extra keys … So if you only have one key at present GET A SPARE !

We can supply, cut and program Rav 4 keys and carry most in stock, meaning we can provide your spare key today, no waiting and no fuss, all done at your location.

If you have lost your Toyota key or have no key at all, we can still help, but … this is a specialist major job. The Toyota dealer in this situation would start quoting thousands and would be replacing computers fitted to your car (ring them and ask). We are able to to reverse engineer with data from the control units, meaning they do not have to be replaced, however this is like brain surgery, it needs specialist equipment, expert knowledge, and experience.

If you need a Toyota Rav 4 key call us and speak to an experienced vehicle locksmith 07813 802039.