Immobiliser Testing

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As specialists in vehicle keys and immobilisers we have the equipment to test vehicle immobiliser systems either on or off the vehicle and unlike other ecu testing companies we can test the whole immobiliser system including vehicle keys.

Modern day immobiliser systems consist of complex networks of control units and a flow of digital data, this means when a problem arises in the system it is not just a case of HOT WIRE the car and it goes BROOOM ! What it does mean is to get the car to start the system has to be professionally diagnosed, programmed or repaired, and this in itself is a specialist subject.

We have the specialist key and immobiliser testing equipment, that enables us to diagnose if you have an immobiliser or key problem, because of course there could be a number of reasons that your car does not start, like IT HAS NO PETROL IN IT, you car is immobilised and it will not start but it is not an immobiliser problem. What we can do is rule in or rule out your vehicle immobiliser and car key, so that you do not waste time and money going down the route of an immobiliser fault, when in actual matter of fact you have another issue on the vehicle stopping it from starting.

If a component of your immobiliser system is found to be faulty, we are able to offer a repair or replacement of the component, including any programming required, this means you get the vehicle back on the road quickly.

Give us a call and speak to a car key and immobiliser expert 07813 802039, if you are in one of our areas we can offer on site and on vehicle immobiliser diagnostics, programming or repair. If you are outside of one of our areas we offer a postal immobiliser testing and repair service, give us a call to discuss your issue.

Car Van or Truck Immobiliser Testing Programming and Repair