Nissan Micra Car Key Replacement

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Lost Car Keys are car locksmiths so we are specialists in what we do. We cover all makes and models of car and have the keys in stock so the job can be done today.

This week we have had several Nissan Micra’s and a combination of spare keys and lost keys, as jobs go the Nissan Micra is fairly straight forward, however there are four types of key. These are either remote key where you have to press the button on the key to open or lock the car and the car has a normal ignition, or proximity key when the key just needs to be in your pocket and it will open and start. The proximity system is easy to identify as the door handle usually have rubber button on the outside and the ignition will have a grey plastic piece to turn instead of using the key.

If you need a new Nissan key give us a call.