Renault Clio Lost Car Key Replacement Haverhill

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A customer this week lost their only key to a Renault Clio in Haverhill, the car was parked at their home and they had turned the house upside down looking for the car key but it was nowhere to be found.

They called us and as fully mobile auto locksmiths we arrived at their home that day. Renault car keys are run of the mill for us, so we carry stock of the remote keys. The first thing we have to do is open the locked car, We do this using a specially designed lock pick, this means there is no damage to the car.

Once the car is opened we then decode the vehicle lock allowing us to make a metal key blade to fit. Our vans have automated key cutting equipment on board so we cut the new car key, once the key cutting is complete we program the replacement transponder remote key to the vehicle.

All this is done on site and in around about an hour from start to finish, no recovery to the dealership … no waiting days for a key to be ordered …. no replacement locks, just a new car key and you back on the road.

if you have lost your car key we cover all makes and models call us we will help.