Immobiliser Problems

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Immobiliser stuck on or wont turn off ? Car key not working ? Car Will not start ?

Turn ignition key and nothing happens ? Car starts and stops straight away ?

These are all common problems with vehicle immobilisers and we can solve these issues for you. For a fast response call us

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Modern immobiliser systems are highly complex, In simple terms they consist of a transponder key, transponder reader, immobiliser control unit,and an engine control unit (ecu). In most cases the engine ecu is disabled until it receives the correct unlock signal from the immobiliser control unit. This means if there is a problem with the transponder key, immobiliser control unit, engine ecu, any of the wiring, or communication network the vehicle will be immobilised and will either not do any thing when the key is turned, crank over but not start, or crank over start and then then stop straight away.

All manufacturer fitted immobiliser systems have a tell tail light some times it is a red flashing light, some times it is an orange or yellow light in the dash, it can also be a message like “anti theft malfunction” in the center console, and some times it is a picture of a padlock in the led display.

As these systems are computer controlled and most modern vehicles have between 5 and 35 computers on board along with a ‘canbus’ or ‘multiplexed’ network to connect them it is a highly professional job to diagnose, repair or bypass this system. Just because your car does not start, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an immobiliser problem, it is very important to firstly observe what the immobiliser warning light is doing. Also and most importantly it needs to be diagnosed correctly, most garages are not equipped to do this and do not have the technical know how.

If you need a professional diagnosis and a solution  we can solve the immobiliser problem.

we also offer a national postal immobiliser testing service, we can bench test your cars components for correct operation and either recondition faulty parts or supply new. This testing will confirm if your problem is in the wiring on your car or the control units. in some cases we can offer an immobiliser bypass solution.