Its your immobiliser mate !

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“Its your immobiliser”  So many times i have heard this, or “its the ecu … you need a new one”, vehicle immobiliser systems are complex systems, they are electronic digital systems very similar to your chip and pin system in your credit card, with this in mind would you ask an AA man or a mechanic to look at your credit card if it had stopped working? Probably not, even main dealers do not understand the complex way an immobiliser works, so when it comes to immobiliser diagnosis you need a specialist.

There are many reasons a vehicle may not start … may be its got no petrol ! the car will be immobilised but clearly it is not an immobiliser problem, now this may sound simplistic but if you begin to understand the difference between the immobiliser system stopping the car from starting and other problems or faults on the car stopping it from starting, then you can start to correctly diagnose where the problem lays on the vehicle.

At Lost Car Keys we have the equipment to test vehicle immobiliser systems, this can either be done on or off the car, don’t forget we are specialists in immobilisers so we have the tools, equipment and knowledge to test all elements in the immobiliser system, no mechanic, AA man, or main dealer has this … they use us … i always say if you want plumbing done at home, would you get a bricklayer to do it? well of course not, so if you have an immobiliser issue use a specialist.

Immobiliser Testing Programming & Repair on or off vehicle.