Lost car keys Halstead

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We have a car locksmith covering Halstead in Essex and the surrounding areas if you need replacement car keys because you have lost your key, or as a spare car key we can help.

We supply cut and program replacement car keys for all makes of car, van or truck, and because we are mobile locksmiths we do this at your location, this could be at your home, your work, or even at the roadside. We carry a huge stock of replacement keys and have all the equipment onboard to complete your job.

Car locked ? Keys in the car ?

We can open and gain entry to any locked vehicle without damage and recover you keys.

Damaged or broken car key

If you have a damaged or broken car key we can make you a replacement. It may be you have snapped the metal key blade of your key or possibly the electronic side of the key has been damaged, its not a problem for us, we will create a new key for you.




If you would like to talk to a locksmith give us a call on 0333 344 2219 or 07813 802039 we are happy to help.